Advanced Navigation Technology by AvMap


Great Customization

You can choose the Horizontal or Vertical orientation, and even change the layout choosing what to see and where to display it: maps, TAWS, vertical profile on map, nav data, HSI, ADAHRS (optional). Set different PROFILES for different aircrafts with different settings for taws, selective display and even different hard keys configurations.


Horizontal or Vertical view


F1 Customizable Key


Aircraft Profiles



Configure the layout of data boxes

Customize info shown
on each map representation cycle


Advanced Planning

AvMap Software provides advanced planning functions, the result of 30 years of Moving Map and Navigation Technology Know-How.


Go To  smart menu

Search Jeppesen Database  for Airports, VOR, NDB, VFR reporting points, intersections

Set a street address
as destination

Editable checklists help you prepare your airdcraft for the flight

Flight Plan page with vertical profile

SAR: Search and Rescue Patterns

Complete Maps

Moving Map excellence: fully detailed maps, with the most reliable official data.
Land elevation, Jeppesen database, Avioportolano, NAVTEQ Street Network and POI, Airport Diagrams and Approach Plates by Seattle Avionics, VFR sectional charts by FAA and DFS.



Interactive Maps


Choose which data to view with the selective display

TAWS and obstacles


Airport diagrams

Approach plates

VFR charts compatible


Situational Awareness & Safety

Navigation, Electronic Flight Bag, Primary Flight Display: all you need in a single device, developed with safety in mind. You can display on the map the HSI or the flight plan vertical profile, while the TAWS colors and the Airspace warning help you stay in cotnrol of the situation.
In case of emergency  you can quickly search for the nearest airport and open the geotagged airport diagram and approach plate, and watch the plane icon move on it.



Vertical Profile on Map

Airspaces Warning

Nearest Airport quick search

Night Vision

Electronic Flight Bag


Glass Cockpit System: connection to external instruments

EKP V is much more than a moving map: A true multi-functional display!
Through the smart Cockpit Docking Station, EKP V can connect to: AvMap A2 ADAHRS, autopilot, weather receiver, CAS, video camera and other instruments.


EFIS (when connected to A2 ADAHRS module)

Traffic (when connected to CAS receiver
such as PCAS Zaon XRX)



Video (when connected to video camera)

Engine data (When connected to engine)


Weather info
(when connected to weather receiver
such as  XM WX Wxworx )



Customer Support




Software Updates


User Manuals



AvMap GPS are guaranteed for 2 years after the purchase date.

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